January 21, 2015
Baton Rouge Hybrid Excitement in the 2015 Honda CR-Z

Baton Rouge Hybrid Excitement in the 2015 Honda CR-Z

The word “hybrid” isn’t normally associated with pure adrenaline-pumping driving excitement, but that’s what you’ll find when test driving an all-new 2015 CR-Z at Team Honda in Baton Rouge. CR-Z improves upon the tradition of the iconic CRX with a modernized combination of technology, style and its innovative hybrid powertrain, ultimately creating the exciting and efficient work of automotive hybrid mastery that you see in front of you today.

Driver-Minded Design

We’ve all seen the inside of a traditional hybrid vehicle, with all of the extra gauges and additional screens, but that isn’t what the all-new CR-Z is all about. Stepping into CR-Z is like stepping onto a spaceship, albeit an ingeniously designed spaceship that has all of its controls placed perfectly right where they are supposed to be. Take a seat and take in your surroundings, and notice how comfortable CR-Z’s seats are. This is what luxury galactic traveling would feel like, but we’ll also settle for maximum comfort when cruising through Baton Rouge.

CR-Z features an exterior design that is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, sporting a decidedly unconventional look and feel that almost looks evil and dangerous. Honda engineers worked their magic when creating the 2015 CR-Z, with everything from its half-glass rear hatch to its geometrically precise wide-mouth grille seamlessly combining to create one blood-pumping piece of hybrid excitement.

Efficient Hybrid Performance

The 2015 CR-Z at Team Honda on Siegen Lane features a gasoline/electric powertrain made up of a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine mated to a 15-kilowatt motor, combining to deliver a smoother than ever 130 horsepower made possible thanks to Honda’s innovative Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology. Some automotive purist might scoff at the hint of 130 horsepower, but the 2015 CR-Z more than makes up for it with its broad torque curve that makes passing up slower traffic on the interstate in Baton Rouge more fun than ever.

2015 Honda CR-Z drivers can choose between several different modes, allowing them to customize their drive to meet their current situation. Normal Mode offers a precise balance of both efficiency and performance, and is the default mode for everyday Baton Rouge driving. Sport Mode provides CR-Z drivers with extra power and enhanced vehicle handling, offering the most excitement out of your CR-Z drive. Econ Mode improves vehicle efficiency by optimizing throttle response and air conditioning, providing drivers with the most efficient CR-Z imaginable. For models that have the Plus Sport System, they’ll be able to create an instant speed boost from their Honda CR-Z by simply pressing the S + button. Whether you’re traveling on backcountry Louisiana roads or negotiating your way through the traffic-filled streets of Baton Rouge, the all-new CR-Z has a mode for that.

2015 Honda CR-Z Baton Rouge

How many hybrid vehicles have you seen with a 6-speed manual transmission? The Honda CR-Z has one, allowing this hybrid to show its sportier side when needed, and making the CR-Z completely unique amongst other hybrid vehicles. An available continuously variable transmission (CVT) allows owners to drive their CR-Z like they would any conventional automatic, while also providing them an adrenaline-pumping way to change gears manually. Using paddle shifters that are conveniently mounted on CR-Z’s steering wheel, drivers are available to shift through seven simulated gear ratios! The CR-Z is a hybrid that is in a class all by itself, and you have one available now at Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge, LA.

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