Drive around in the 2014 Honda Pilot in Baton Rouge

If you are looking for the best selection of Hondas in the Baton Rouge area, look no further than Team Honda in Baton Rouge! We offer a wide variety of Hondas at prices you will love. One vehicle you should be sure to check out in particular is the popular new 2014 Honda Pilot. Reliability meets functionality in the refined yet durable Honda Pilot. The Pilot is a popular choice for busy families, for it is known in particular for its versatility. Hondas are also known for their longevity, so it comes as no surprise that Hondas have been known to run far longer than the average 150,000 miles of your typical vehicle-providing you with a valuable investment for your future. The Honda Pilot gives you outstanding performance, terrific features, and cargo space to fit all of your goods. If you are looking for an excellent vehicle that will exceed all of the prior expectations you may have had about utility vehicles, come and take a closer look at the 2014 Pilot.

The Honda Pilot can carry all of your toys

Applause-Worthy Performance

The 2014 Honda Pilot is an enjoyable ride for both the driver and all of the passengers. Each Pilot is readily equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission that can rapidly shift gears and give you smooth and steady acceleration. The powerful 3.5-liter engine and 250 horsepower engine will give you that little kick when you need it. Whether you are passing a truck on the highway, or just cruising down Main Street, the Honda Pilot will deliver the results you desire behind the wheel. The Pilot’s transmission knows when you are driving down or up an incline and will hold the engine in a lower gear so that you can have better control over the Pilot as you drive. The Pilot is also known for its excellent handling, and its 4-wheel independent suspension and rigid unit-body structure contribute to this excellent performance and precision.

You are actually seated higher than a normal sedan when you are seated inside of the Pilot, as a result of the Pilot’s sleek new design. Sitting higher when driving the Pilot gives the driver superior visibility of what is ahead, on either side, as well as a better view out of the rearview mirror.

Honda Pilot

Space for Everything

Life moves quickly, and the 2014 Honda Pilot is there to help you with many of the challenges you face each day. There is an impressive 87 cubic feet of cargo space inside of the Pilot, so you will have plenty of room to carry anything from skis to groceries-or both. The 60/40 split seats provide you with versatility and options depending on what you need for that day. You can seat up to eight people comfortably inside of the Pilot when all three rows of seats are being utilized. There are also tie-down anchors, bag hooks, and a lift gate with lift-up glass, so you can get the most out of your Pilot. You will never have to leave anyone or anything behind again in the 2014 Honda Pilot.

Cargo Space

Safety for All

You can back out of any tough parking spot or driveway with ease with the standard rearview camera that is displayed on the 8-inch center screen located in the center of the dash. The Pilot uses an anti-lock braking system that helps prevent wheel lockup whenever you have to brake hard. You will also find dual-stage, multiple threshold front airbags, as well as front side airbags with passenger-side occupant position detection system. The Honda Pilot contains these safety features and many more to keep you and your most precious cargo safe and sound.

Honda Pilot safety

Come See the 2014 Honda Pilot Today!

The 2014 Honda Pilot provides you with superior cargo space, excellent safety features, and powerful performance to give you one overall outstanding vehicle. Come and see the 2014 Honda Pilot for yourself today at Team Honda in Baton Rouge! Give our helpful sales team a call at (855) 832-3530 or visit our website Team Honda for more information. Your new 2014 Honda Pilot is waiting for you!