March 24, 2017
Hit the Town in Baton Rouge with the Honda HR-V Today!

Hit the Town in Baton Rouge with the Honda HR-V Today!

When it comes to stepping into the car market, there can be a lot of choices given to you all at once. This can be very overwhelming and cause most car buyers a huge headache. That’s why it’s important to narrow down your choices by knowing what your preferences are. When it comes to choosing a brand or manufacturer, you can’t go wrong with Honda. Honda has been a popular brand with many different models to choose from, so no matter what kind of lifestyle you have, you can be sure that there is probably a Honda model for you. One model in particular that can stand out from the rest is the Honda HR-V. This unique and stylish cross-over can help you multitask as well carry loads of cargo wherever you may need to go. And lucky for the residents of Baton Rouge, this quality vehicle can be found at Team Honda in Louisiana! With great selection and even better services, Team Honda makes it a point to provide whatever they can on your search for a new Honda vehicle. Let’s take a closer look into the Honda HR-V in Baton Rouge to see how you could be getting the most out of your driving experience today!

Looks from Every Angle

First impressions are always important because they can affect how you will see something for possibly the rest of your life. So when it comes to choosing a vehicle from Team Honda in Baton Rouge, you want to make sure it has the right style and flare. Thankfully the Honda HR-V in Baton Rouge can provide all the stunning looks you want with its sporty and sleek design. Most people think of a crossover as a large, blocky vehicle, but when it comes to the Honda HR-V, this is definitely the last thing you’ll be thinking. Say hello to the dark, aggressive front grill, accented with a hint of chrome to give a classy first impression that will be hard to forget. Check out the details of the crisp, aerodynamic design of the body. Then, at the very back, you can be happy to know that the sporty LED taillights actually use less energy while still providing enough light to ensure you will be seen by onlookers and other drivers alike. And the most impressive part of this? You can choose from a lavish set of 6 exterior paints, all of which are meant to catch the eye of anyone looking.

Inner Beauty

2017 Honda HR-V
If you thought the outside of the Honda HR-V in Baton Rouge was good, you’ll be happy to know that the interior of this vehicle from Team Honda is just as stylish as it is convenient. Opening the front doors will greet you with soft materials that come with a bunch of convenient features. For example, you can enjoy the feel of a warm seat on those colder mornings with the available heated seating for the front seats while everyone in the car can heat up with the sun through the One Touch Power Moonroof. If you’re more of a lone traveler that happens to have a lot of cargo, you will be happy to know that, along with the multiple seating combinations offered with the Honda HR-V, you can have a whopping 58.8 cubic square feet of cargo room when the back seats are tucked away. Have things that are a bit taller or need to stand? No problem for the driver of the Honda HR-V in Baton Rouge! This is because of the Magic Seat functionality of the Honda HR-V allowing the second row to be folded up instead of flat, providing up to 4 feat of vertical car space for those things that can’t lay down in the back.

Get the Honda HR-V in Baton Rouge Today

Having the vehicle you want can only get better when it comes from a quality dealership. When it comes to the Honda HR-V, Team Honda can provide for you and more! Call, click, or stop by our dealership today!

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