May 9, 2012

Honda Civic Has Become An American Classic

Introduced decades ago, Honda Civic has become an American classic. Economical and evolved, more consumers want to drive the innovative Honda Civic. Team Honda offers consumers an opportunity to test drive a Honda Civic and fall in love.

The Honda Civic Yesterday and Today

The original Honda Civic was a two-door subcompact introduced in 1972.  Shortly thereafter, the three door hatchback edition was released.  While the car was small, it offered substantial inside space.  The early Honda Civic offered basic features such as a heater, AM radio, two-speed wipers and painted steel rims.  Over time, Honda Civic became an upscale compact car with sophisticated options including leather upholstery, power locks and power windows.  Team Honda now offers several different models of the Honda Civic with appealing amenities to make driving a joy.

The Honda Civic Baton Rouge drivers initially bought was part of a limited lineup that included the Honda Prelude and Honda Accord.  In the 1990s, more models were added.  Honda Civic buyers have always appreciated its reliability and fuel efficiency.  Later the Honda Civic became sporty and environmentally conscious.  Currently the Honda Civic is sized between the Accord and Fit.

By 2006, a total of 7.3 million Honda Civics were sold in the United States. Team Honda is constantly helping buyers get into the Honda Civic Baton Rouge drivers want.  Because they are fuel efficient, Honda Civic sales continued to soar as gas prices rose.  Currently there are seven Honda Civic models to choose from including coupes, sedans, sporty versions and green vehicles.

 Honda Civic in the Future

Team Honda sees a bright future for the Honda Civic.  Customers continue to want this affordable, dependable car.  Repeat buyers return to Team Honda to get the latest and greatest Honda Civic.  Once people drive a Honda Civic, they tend to stay with this model.

Honda Civic will continue to evolve with the changing times.  At the end of the year, a new Civic is planned to hit the market.  The iconic model will continue to be a leader with regard to performance and fuel economy. As they become available, Team Honda is ready to offer the hottest Honda Civics to their dedicated Baton Rouge customers.

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