May 16, 2012

Honda Sport Utility Vehicles for Active Lifestyles

Honda Sport Utility Vehicles are the perfect choice for all types of active lifestyles. Because they are fuel-efficient and affordable, many consumers prefer Honda Sport Utility Vehicles over the competitors’.  Team Honda offers a full line of Honda Sport Utility Vehicles for singles, couples and families who enjoy active lifestyles.

Types of Honda Sport Utility Vehicles

Honda Sport Utility Vehicles first reached the market in 1993. Their debut Sport Utility Vehicle was the Honda Passport, which was replaced by the Honda Pilot a decade later.  In 1995, Honda introduced the popular Honda Odyssey minivan. Two years later, in 1997, the Honda CR-V was introduced and is now one of the hottest choices on the market today.  Team Honda is constantly helping customers get into the ideal Honda Sport Utility Vehicle based on their personal preferences.

The Honda CR-V Baton Rouge customers ask for is actually based on the iconic Honda Civic platform.  Likewise, the Honda Odyssey was originally built on a Honda Accord platform and now stands on its own. The highly coveted Honda CR-V received a makeover in 2002.

Drivers who appreciate the feel of a pickup truck select the Honda Ridgeline. It seats up to five passengers and will go just about anywhere active people want to be.  The sales specialists at Team Honda help shoppers find the Sport Utility Vehicle of their dreams based on their unique criteria and budget.

What People Do In Honda Sport Utility Vehicles

People who drive Honda Sport Utility Vehicles keep moving forward.  Some people want an Sport Utility Vehicle to accommodate a large family or transport the local middle school sporting team.  The Honda Odyssey Baton Rouge drivers choose seats up to 8 passengers comfortably so nobody in the neighborhood gets left out.

Other drivers invest in Honda Sport Utility Vehicles to get the most out of life. They want to tow a camper or a boat for outdoor adventures. Some have a good time four-wheel driving on beaches or rough terrain.  Team Honda helps buyers define what they want from a Honda Sport Utility Vehicle, in order to get them into the perfect one.

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