January 30, 2017
Live Green with a 2017 Honda Fit in Baton Rouge

Live Green with a 2017 Honda Fit in Baton Rouge

With the development of the world today, living in a manner than protects the environment in the best way popular is becoming more relevant by the day. In hopes of doing everything one can to conserve what is around them, many people choose to drive a fuel efficient car. In addition to helping the environment, driving a more fuel efficient car saves the driver gas money, especially on long road trips. To meet this need, Honda has improved their previous design to make the 2017 Honda Fit stand out from other cars on the market today. Those looking to drive a 2017 Honda Fit in Baton Rouge may do so by heading to Team Honda to work with the team and find their new Fit or other vehicle.

Inside Built for You

honda fit inside
The interior of the new Honda Fit was designed to perfectly satisfy the driver as well as all the passengers without cutting any corners. The smooth and clean design presents an elegant and cool feel to give a serene experience. The design of the Fit pays close attention to all aspects including an interactive steering wheel that allows for audio, phone, voice command, and cruise control functions. In the world today many can’t afford to miss a beat or they could miss some great opportunities. To avoid this, drivers have access to a 12-volt outlet and a USB port in the center console to stay plugged in. The center console also has ample space for any storage needs. In select models of the Honda Fit, drivers also have access to a six-speed manual transmission for drivers that wish to gain even further control of the already smooth vehicle.

Technology at its Finest

honda fit tech
Those who own the new Fit gain access to a vehicle that uses all of the best available technology leading. This important aspect helps the car serve drivers in the best ways possible. To help drivers maintain an even more efficient lifestyle, the Green Eco Assist will use green bars to visually alert the driver to how efficient they are traveling. To further help owners, drivers may push the green econ button which will instruct the car to begin saving fuel by further reinforcing efficiency through the air conditioning, transmission, engine, and cruise control. Also on the display screen is a cool blue light gradient that will easily allow you to read your speed and miles per gallon without putting any sort of strain on the eyes due to uncomfortable colors or a dark interface. With the idea of racing to hit top speeds while having the best control of the car, the paddle shifters have been implemented as a great option for those thrill seekers or just those wishing to feel more in tune with the road. To give owners faster access to their vehicle, they may unlock the car just by having their keys in their pocket or purse. Furthermore, the driver may start the car by using the push to start button. Many accidents occur when people are attempting to park their vehicle because there is so much that the eye alone cannot see. To counteract this, the multi-angle rearview camera lets the driver have 3 views that include; normal, top-down, and wide. These will help the Honda Fit in Baton Rouge will continue to look great without any dings or scratches.

Your 2017 Honda Fit in Baton Rouge, LA

Embracing a green and sustainable lifestyle is an important job for everyone. One way of doing so is driving a more fuel efficient car like the 2017 Honda Fit available at Team Honda. Team Honda may be located in person at 6363 Siegen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA. The sales team that knows everything Honda may be reached by phone at 866-913-5244. They are open for business and ready to help you Monday through Friday from 8AM to 8PM and on Saturdays from 8:30AM to 7PM. Invest in your world and your future and enjoy a Honda Fit in Baton Rouge today.

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