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September 18, 2012

Hurricane Damaged Car?

Recently, Hurricane Isaac ravaged the New Orleans area leaving many without power, without work, some without homes, and even without cars. Storms like this come along and steal your security and prey on items we take for granted. It is in these trying times when finances can become tight. If one [...]
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September 10, 2012

Team Honda – Certified Used Honda Dealer in Baton Rouge

Not looking for a brand new vehicle but still want a great deal on a great car? Look no further than Team Honda in Baton Rouge where their certified used vehicles can’t be beat. A Honda certified used car measures up to standards that promote excellence and a solid foundation upon which buyers [...]
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August 22, 2012

Team Honda – Civic Hybrid 2012

What do you think of hybrid vehicles? Have you looked at hybrid models because of fuel efficiency or new technology? Here at Team Honda in Baton Rouge there are great new deals on brand new Hondas including the new Civic Hybrid of 2012. This new model has great new features and there are special [...]
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August 15, 2012

2012 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a top notch pick if you are looking for a new vehicle.  Honda Accord’s come in either a coupe or a sedan, and either would be an excellent choice!  Known for their low gas mileage, boldly sculpted edges, and power, the Accord can stir passion in your mind, body and soul, [...]
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August 8, 2012

Team Honda – August Honda Incentives

Let’s face it, with the economy the way it is, buying a car or any other high ticket items comes with some caution. Consumers are always looking for a deal or a price break, something in the fine lines that makes them think you’re doing them a little favor. Here at Team Honda in Baton Rouge in [...]
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July 24, 2012

It’s No Circus Car, But You Won’t Believe What You Can Pack Into A Fit!

We’ve all seen it—20 clowns piling out of a brightly painted subcompact smack-dab in the middle of a three-ring circus. An elephant trumpets in the background and the ringmaster floats through the crowd calling out, “Ladies and gentlemen! Please focus your attention on the center of the big [...]
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July 20, 2012

2013 Honda Fit Delivers Unmatched Combination of Versatility, Efficiency and Fun

The award-winning Honda Fit returns for 2013 with a new exterior color and a host of awards and accolades that reinforce its leadership position in the competitive subcompact-car segment. After receiving extensive updates for 2012 - including an upgraded interior and additional new standard and [...]
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July 18, 2012

Honda CR-V: The Best In Compact SUV Affordability

Who couldn’t use a little affordability these days? That is precisely what the Honda CR-V offers: affordability. Completely redesigned in 2012, with better fuel economy and more standard features the CR-V can compete with all the best of the compact SUVs on the market, and does so for less [...]
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July 13, 2012

Honda Summer Clearance Event

It's time for the Honda Summer Clearance Event, which means it's time to get a great deal on a Honda, voted's Most Trusted Brand in 2012 and Best Value Brand for the past two years[1]. Check out these special summer offers today. Please visit our website:
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July 12, 2012

The Honda CR-X: Gone But Not Forgotten

It’s kind of like your favorite T-shirt from college that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away. It’s laden with memories of a simpler place and time when hair bands and parachute pants were all the rage; you might even remember parking in your CR-X with your favorite girl or guy and [...]
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