April 17, 2017

Take Control of Life in a 2017 Honda Pilot in Baton Rouge, LA

The 2017 Honda Pilot is the premier choice for car buyers looking for an SUV that is regarded as one of the most durable, reliable, and comfortable vehicles available. The Honda Pilot opens to an unbelievably spacious interior that allows owners to transport large groups of people or heaping amounts of luggage and gear so it is catered to all sorts of needs. In addition, Honda vehicles are engineered with top of the line technology so owners are assured the new vehicle they are purchasing is of incredibly quality. Drivers that wish to find their very own Honda Pilot in Baton Rouge, LA should head to Team Honda for a car buying experience like no other. The team awaits your visit to accommodate all of your needs.

2017 Honda Pilot

For your Enjoyment

An important and popular aspect of the 2017 Pilot is that is does everything asked of an SUV. However, the Pilot also has several features that aren’t necessary but make the experience that much better. With the idea that the Pilot is meant for adventure, certain aspects make that goal more attainable. On a journey through rough and wet terrain, getting mud inside a vehicle is very common and hard to avoid. The available all season mats of the Pilot accommodate for the dirtiest of situations. With the mats in place, the original carpet of the vehicle stays clean. The mats can easily be taken out and hosed down so the Pilot is clean and ready for the next trip. Storing gear in the back of a car can often times incite some pangs of fear in the owner. Objects are exposed to both the powerful sun and the eyes of those passing by. However, the Pilot has an available Cargo Cover which can give owners a nice peace of mind. When the second and third row seats of the Pilot are folded down, the cargo space opens up to an immense 109 cubic feet of cargo volume. The 60/40 split gives owners the versatility to configure their seating and cargo area in the style that works for them.


A Royal Interior

The capable Pilot can handle what is set in front of it, but it also caters to the needs of those looking for a relaxing and enjoyable experience inside the Pilot. The Pilot has 8 spacious seats available for those that ride inside. However, buyers can opt for second row captain seats if they wish to give their passengers an experience just like the front seat. A useful feature to keep everyone comfortable is the tri-zone automatic climate control. With this, the driver, front passenger, and rear rows may each have specific temperature settings for increased enjoyment. Drivers have two options when selecting the available moonroof. One style has a tilt and retract function while the other is larger and will allow the rear rows access to the expansive view above. In many SUV’s, getting into the third row is incredibly inconvenient because the seats do not move well. However, the Honda Pilot in Baton Rouge, LA has second row seats that move forward automatically with the touch of a button. The entertainment system of the pilot features an 8 inch display panel to offer a clear view of media and vehicle information. Drivers can benefit as well by staying plugged in through the auxiliary cord or Bluetooth technology.


Your 2017 Honda Pilot in Baton Rouge, LA

Those that wish to get the most out of their vehicle should elect to drive an updated Honda Pilot with it’s powerful engine, tough exterior, luxurious interior, and useful features. Team Honda is place to visit for anyone looking for a 2017 Honda Pilot in Baton Rouge, LA. Team Honda helps visitors find the Honda vehicle that works for them, but they do more than just sell vehicles. Team Honda’s parts division will help you find the parts your vehicle needs. Furthermore, the trained and certified technicians in the service department can reliably install and fix almost anything in a Honda vehicle. Head to Team Honda today!

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