May 2, 2012

Used Honda Cars for Sale Retain Their Value

One of the many reasons people choose used Honda cars for sale is their retention of value. Besides being extremely reliable, used Honda cars for sale in Baton Rouge do not drastically depreciate like many other used vehicles. Local dealers such as Team Honda sell popular used vehicles such as the Honda CR-V Baton Rouge residents love.

Do Used Honda Cars for Sale Really Resist Depreciation?

Buying a used Honda is a savvy financial decision. New cars notoriously lose significant value as soon as they leave the showroom. Purchasing used Honda vehicles ensures the initial depreciation has already been experienced by the previous buyer.  Team Honda offers an enticing selection of top used Honda cars for sale.

ALG awarded Honda of America second place for Mainstream Brands in their 13th Annual Residual Contest.  The ALG contest is an auto industry standard for depreciation data and residual values.  The results prove Honda used cars retain the highest percentage off their MSRP after three years. Shoppers will find all types of used Honda vehicles for reasonable prices at Team Honda.

Why Do Honda Vehicles Retain Their Value?

Vehicles such as the Honda Camry Baton Rouge customers want are budget-conscious and attractive. Used Honda cars for sale keep their value because they are high-quality products that appeal to all types of buyers. Raj Sundaram of ALG indicated certain cars retain their value because they deliver real value for buyers along with great packaging and pricing. The pricing and packages available at Team Honda are sure to appeal to all used car shoppers.

According to MSN,  the Honda CR-V retains its value best over all the other used Honda cars for sale.  Kelley Blue Book named Honda CR-V one of the Best Family Cars of 2012 and one of the Top 10 Cars with the Best Resale Value. Additionally, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) named the CR-V a 2012 Top Safety Pick.  It is easy to understand why buyers ask Team Honda for the safe, spacious and reliable Honda CR-V.

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